Let's State The Facts

Dropout Facts

  • One in three Americans will not complete high school.
  • Most dropouts earn significantly lees income than those who finish school.
  • Dropouts are more likely to experience social problems tied to feeling of hopelessness and dis-empowerment.
  • Unidentified and unmet needs of children and families contribute to the dropout rate.


Communities In Schools Facts

  • Communities In Schools is the largest dropout prevention organization in the United States.
  • For 30 years, Communities In Schools has focused on helping kids stay in school by identifying and addressing the unmet needs of children and families.
  • Instead of duplicating or competing with other youth-serving organizations and agencies, Communities In Schools of Lake County identifies and mobilizes existing community resources and foster cooperative partnerships for the benefit of students and families.
  • Communities In Schools of Lake County tracks outcomes for the student population it serves. In all 80-90 percent of students tracked make better grades, stay in school, and have fewer discipline problems.