“My daughter, GeorgeAnn Holloway has been involved in Communities In Schools of Lake County programs since she was in 8th grade. The programs offered by Communities In Schools have expanded my daughter’s horizons and her perception of the world at large. Her participation in academic support and college readiness activities have given her a deeper understanding of what it takes to succeed in the career of her choice. The experiences both academic and non-academic have been invaluable in assisting GeorgeAnn to turn her “mirror into a window” for future goals.

CIS’ Charting For Success pre-college program has provided college tour experiences, some of which may not have been possible, as well as classroom sessions that increase the “college knowledge” of the students. I really appreciate the time and effort that CIS staff and administrators expend to provide these expanded learning opportunities for my daughter and all the students at East Chicago Central High School. These kinds of programs are much needed and provide resources and learning outside of the normal classroom experience.

Thank you for all you do to support students.”

Ms. Stacy Holloway (Mother of former Communities In Schools student, GeorgeAnn Holloway)

“Hi my name is Terion Collins, and I am a Charting For Success student in the program Communities IN Schools. Communities In Schools has given me an opportunity that I probably wouldn’t have if it wasn’t for the program. Like keeping me on track with my grades in school, and preparing me for college. What I do like about the program the most is the experiences other Charting For Success students and I get to do. Like the college tours, we go on, doing community service, and helping people around the community.

The instructors that I have for Communities In Schools are very motivating and caring. They really push you to reach your goals, and help you with your future. In all, being a Charting For Success student has been a major help of my two years in high school at East Chicago Central High School. I believe this program pays off in the future for me.“

-Terion Collins (Former student of Communities IN Schools)

“My daughter had a love for education at a very young age, but Communities In Schools gave her a chance to actually pursue her love by giving her all of the resources she needed to learn more about college. I have watched my daughter grow with Communities In Schools. The program has built Tiara’s confidence in talking to others and guided her to become more self-confident.

My daughter also is a peer tutor with Communities In Schools, which enables her to grow a work ethic for college. Since her job gives her certified tutoring, that certificate can be used in college to work, also.

Tiara has grown an even deeper love for colleges and I feel like the program has prepared her far beyond my expectations.”

-Trellis Ware (Mother of former Communities In Schools student, Tiara Ware)

“What is the student to teacher ratio?, How big are the dorms? Does your school have a big ethnic diversity rate? These and many more questions are what I learned to ask while in the Communities In Schools program. My first college tour was during the summer after freshman year. I was lackluster on what to ask my tour guide and I didn’t know the importance of food quality or dorm space. Yet, during my last college tour, I was one of the most confident students during the tour. I pestered the guide with questions bus she was extremely happy to see the interest that I acquired while touring the campus. It made me happy to realize how much this program had impacted me.

CIS has also offered SAT/ACT prep classes, which helped me see how the test really was. I was given the supplies that I needed to get the second top score in my senior class and I’m proud to say that Communities In Schools gave me the empowerment that I needed to know that I can attend a great college that offers me the resources that I want for my needs.

Along with the college preparatory program Communities In Schools offered me, I’ve been given the opportunity to attain a job. I’ve been working as a peer mentor tutor for nearly two years now. It has given me the opportunity to attain close relationship with my peers and underclassmen, and I’ve also learned proper ways to teach people. I’ve been given an amazing opportunity to become a certified tutor and I am happy with everything that I have learned.

Throughout my high school career, the Communities IN Schools program has been an extremely important part of my life and I have grown through my four years in the program.“

-Tiara Ware (Former Communities In Schools student)

“This is my 1st year participating in Communities In Schools. All through Freshman and Sophomore year, I thought I was enrolled in the program. I’m glad I’m in the program now because It has really changed my life for the better. The people who work for the program have made a difference in my life. They pushed me to do positive things to better the lives of my son and me.

This spring we took a trip to Atlanta, Georgia. We looked at many colleges such as Georgia State University and Spelman. Going on this tour made me think about what I want to major in college. It opened my eyes to so many opportunities. This isn’t the only field trip Communities In Schools has sponsored. They have also been to Washington DC.

Today I have a job working at Subway and I want to major in Pharmacy/ Communications. I recently joined Greater Destiny Bible Church and I’m seeking child care for my one-year-old son. The mentors Mr. Smith, Ms. Bailey, and Ms. Burks helped me and encouraged me to achieve these goals. The way this program has changed my life, I will recommend it to all teens.”

-Ariel Davidson (Former Communities In Schools student)

“Communities In Schools has a great program at East Chicago Central High School. My name is David Harrison and I have been in this program since 7th grade at Block Middle School and now I am a Sophomore at East Chicago Central High School. If this program was not here, I would not have had the opportunity to go on college tours or participate in Charting For Success sessions. Charting for Success is helping me prepare to go to college and helping me learn how to speak in public places. Ms. Simes and Mr. Garrett spend a lot of time at the high school talking to us about being successful.

Then we have Ms. Pena who is always encouraging us, too. I also participate in the tutoring program that is part of Communities In Schools. Tutoring really helps me to maintain my GPA so that I can receive some scholarships and be accepted at a good college. Ms. Kostidis is the Site Coordinator at East Chicago Central and she always has time to talk to all of the students. She listens no matter how many things she has to do. All of the options that Communities In Schools provide are very needed and a good addition to our school. There is not another program like this in East Chicago. Ms. Simes, Mr. Garrett, Ms. Pena, and Ms. Kostidis, thanks for all you do.”

-David Harrison (Class of 2016 Communities In Schools Student)

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